A family restaurant rooted in traditional Italian recipes and
steel-town work ethic continues to grow and offers generations of comfort food.

The Mangino’s Pizzeria is an original 
hometown restaurant that began in New Castle, Pennsylvania. The restaurant was started by 
Charles Jr. (a.k.a. Chuck) and Johanna Mangino 
in 1979. The first restaurant, located on Liberty Street, is where they perfected their authentic Italian recipes. It was there that Chuck and Johanna worked side by side for many years refining their special hand-pinched pizza crust. That, along with the special spices needed to create the delicious, sweet Italian sauce, is what makes Mangino’s specialties so deliciously satisfying for the hardworking people of this steel town. People travel from miles around to order their famous signature recipes––Fresh Tomato Pizza, Sausage Pie, Spinach Rolls, “Dugout” Meatball Loaf, Stromboli and homemade Wedding Soup—each a New Castle original that is perfect 
for eating on-the-go or at the table.

Our hometown is made up of strong people. 
It’s a place where every neighbor, friend or family member has provided us with life’s most important lessons for success—hard work and determination. Thank you all and welcome to our newest and largest location on Wilmington Road in New Castle, Pennsylvania. It’s here where we will continue to offer the highest-quality Italian specialties and our new recipes tableside or in your home. We look forward to sharing with you our next generation of casual dining for parties, sporting events and celebrations!



Manginos spinach rolls
Original Mangino’s Spinach Rolls
mangino Pizza & bread ovens
Mangino’s Fresh Baked Meatball and dugout loaves