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The COOL Italians have arrived in Naples, FL !

Mangino Italian Icecreams web
Mangino’s Pizzeria – NEW items – Italian Ice creams – Neopolitan Spumoni and Rainbow Sherbet Now serving in our Naples FL location. Frozen Italian specialties, refreshingly cool to the last spoonful!


Manginos Spumoni IMG_1919 web
Mangino’s Pizzeria Naples, FL – Spumoni Ice Cream
Mangino Rainbow Sherbert_1921
Mangino’s Pizzeria Naples FL – Rainbow Sherbet



New Castle Day…a big success for 5th Year!

We had another successful “New Castle Day 2014” Annual Celebration of Good Food and Good Friends…when our hometown New Castle friends joined us in Naples, Florida! A time of year that everyone enjoys good conversation, meeting old friends, and enjoying hearty Mangino’s buffet-style family meals. Our buffet table was filled with hand-pinched pizzas, Italian salads, traysContinue Reading